MEND partners with Slocum Foundation to advance research on clinical nutrition for orthopedic surgery


MEND partners with Slocum Foundation to advance research on clinical nutrition for orthopedic surgery

Eziah Syed

Collaboration aims to research, identify medical nutrition formulations to support and enhance orthopedic patient outcomes

NEW YORK, July 24th, 2018 – MEND, a company founded by medical and nutrition experts who share the philosophy that better nutrition comes better healing, has established a partnership with Slocum Foundation, the non-profit research and education  arm of Slocum Center for Orthopedics Sports Medicine, to execute studies on medical nutrition for orthopedics. As a part of the partnership, Slocum Center for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, a recognized leader in the field of orthopedics, sports medicine and research, will offer MEND’s current award winning products to patients who may benefit from enhanced nutrition after injury or surgery.

Introduced in 2015, award winning MEND Orthopedic, a powder beverage supplement, is utilized throughout orthopedic practices and professional sports to improve tissue repair, manage inflammation and to support healing and recovery from a broad spectrum of orthopedic injuries, surgeries and micro-trauma from sports and exercise. In 2016, the company introduced MEND Regenerate, an awarded anti-aging product of the year, beating out 400 other applicants across consumer categories. MEND Regenerate focuses on combating sarcopenia, an aging related condition which results in the accelerated loss of muscle tissue mass and leads to frailty and general loss of physical function.

“We are quite excited to work with an orthopedic group like Slocum to advance research in this emerging and fast growing field” says MEND CEO Eziah Syed, “we know from prior clinical studies that the right nutrients and correct use of supplementation has been proven effective in enhancing healing and recovery from orthopedic injuries and surgeries – we believe medical nutrition has a very important role to play in the future of patient care.”

Led by Dr. Hans Dreyer in the Department of Human Physiology at University of Oregon, the Slocum Foundation has been at the forefront of studying clinical nutrition. “We showed in our first double blind study that essential amino acid supplementation can have a very beneficial impact on the total joint replacement population” says Dr. Brian Jewett, Chair of Research at the Slocum Foundation and President of the Slocum Center for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, “we’re keen to continue studying how nutrients can support and enhance patient healing and recovery and are excited to work with a very innovative company like MEND.”

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“Research reported in this press release was supported by the National Institute of Aging of the National Institutes of Health under award number R01AG046401.”

About MEND

MEND was founded by renowned medical and nutrition experts who share a belief that in order for the body to heal and perform optimally, it must be provided with the key nutrients it requires for restoration of health and well-being. This overriding concept is the basis for all of the company’s award winning medical nutrition products, and is the inspiration for the goal of harnessing the natural power of nutrition to support the body to heal and perform.

About Slocum

Slocum Center for Orthopedics Sports Medicine, the Pacific Northwest’s premier provider of progressive orthopedic care, and the Slocum Research Education Foundation have worked collaboratively to provide the Eugene community and the surrounding areas advanced, highly specialized musculoskeletal care and community-based research and education for nearly 30 years. Both named in honor of Donald B. Slocum, MD, a world-recognized leader in orthopedics and considered one of the founding fathers of sports medicine as an orthopedic subspecialty, Slocum and the Slocum Foundation continue the tradition of innovation and leadership through research, commitment to advancing musculoskeletal care training, and community partnerships. Slocum is The Official Orthopedic Sports Medicine Team Physicians for University of Oregon Athletics Since 1967.

About University of Oregon Department of Human Physiology

The Human Physiology department at University of Oregon develops researchers and health professionals who are creative thinkers and innovators capable of generating new knowledge in the physiological sciences. Faculty members recognize that cutting-edge translational research, from basic physiological mechanisms through integrative systems physiology related to health, human movement, and physical activity, has a major influence on disease treatment and prevention.