mend™ Presents at HLTH Conference in Las Vegas


mend™ Presents at HLTH Conference in Las Vegas

Kathryn Smart

Healing Through Digitally Enabled Clinical Nutrition For High Performance

Mend™,a life sciences company operating at the intersection of nutripharma and digital behavioral health, announces the company will be attending the HLTH Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from November 13th-16th. At the conference, mend President and Co-Founder Helene Rutledge will share the stage with Executive Director Dr. Erin Owen from Slocum Research & Education Foundation, Goran Petrovic, CEO of mend AsiaPac, and Adam Tichelaar, mend’s Chief Technology Officer to discuss why it takes a connected ecosystem to create the environment for optimal wellness and performance.

Each year, injuries cost professional sports teams money, performance, records, and player health. For example, teams in the NFL lost over $500 million in 2019 from injuries. These sports injuries and the wear and tear on the body from intense physical activity are inevitable for elite athletes. But, the impact on professional sports teams and players is addressable through targeted interventions that can minimize downtime, reduce the chance of injury impact, and optimize performance.

Teams and players need help creating a holistic plan that they can stick to, particularly in acute times of need. mend is first to provide whole-person, nutrition-based healing products supported by a digital platform that help you repair, recover, and feel better and stronger every day. Mend is honored to present this solution at the HLTH conference to share with healthcare industry leaders how they are revolutionizing the approach to improving overall health, bringing clinically validated, targeted nutrition and doctor approved care plans to orthopedic surgery as the pivotal intervention in awareness of underlying wellness.

The Upgraid™ by mend digital health coaching platform and clinical nutrition program extends the care delivery model beyond the hospital setting to further recovery in the home and getting back on the field.Set up as an SMS based and AI-enabled digital care platform, Upgraid by mend helps hospital systems to streamline recovery beyond the hospital walls, alleviating the burden on providers. The remote monitoring will triage critical questions and minimize patient calls to the hospital through a team of registered nurses, which frees up staff and resources to focus on the in-hospital service. Through the program, patients receive hands-on coaching, guidance, support and health monitoring by certified professionals.

Most recently,the acclaimed orthopedic providerCarrell Clinic, a Division of OrthoLoneStar,announcedthey will be implementing the Upgraid by Mend platform into their patient care protocols in late Q4’22 to raise the bar on patient care. As the partnership with the Carrell Clinic launches, mend Chief Technology Officer Adam Tichelaar will be leading the initiative as he brings decades of experience launching new software product services to market.

Visit mend at the Well by HLTH Garden Stage on Wednesday, November 16th at 10:00amto learn more about evidence-based Nutripharma and Perioperative Care for surgical readiness, enhanced outcomes, improved patient experience and how to reduce risk with nurse guided 24/7 care and remote patient monitoring.Mend brings the power of healing to people everywhere and now healthcare leaders can help patients through digital Nutritherapy.

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