Nutrition For Healing Launches Nationwide Sarcopenia Study

Eziah Syed

Study will measure the benefits of award winning MEND Regenerate on age-related muscle loss, frailty and improvement in strength and stability

NEW YORK, May, 2016 – Nutrition For Healing® LLC announces that it will commence a double blind placebo study of award winning MEND Regenerate to validate efficacy in combating aging-related muscle loss, a condition called sarcopenia which affects 50% of the elderly.

“We’re an evidence based company that relies on strong science in developing our products” says healthy aging expert and science advisory board member Ken Roycroft, “Regenerate was developed after two years of testing in a busy orthopedic and sports medicine practice and we have continued to experience tremendous results with our patients. This study will further validate its efficacy.”

MEND™ Regenerate is focused on combating aging-related muscle loss, which negatively impacts strength, stamina, mobility, balance and overall vitality. Humans begin losing muscle mass as early as their 30s. Many of us find this defeating after spending our first three decades of life easily gaining muscle mass. Alarmingly, we can lose as much as 3 to 5 percent of muscle mass per decade. This can lead to an increased risk of bodily injury after 30 and a vicious cycle of decline. Some muscle mass loss is natural but accelerated muscle mass loss can and should be prevented.

There are a number of factors that contribute to aging-related muscle loss including lack of resistance exercise, reduction in hormones and poor nutrition. Because muscles begin synthesizing protein differently as we age, we need to take in not only more protein, but different protein, especially proteins that digest quickly. Proteins that reach the body sooner are able to heal muscles more quickly after exercise, reducing the risk of loss. MEND™ Regenerate has been formulated specifically to get healthy fast absorbing proteins and other vital nutrients into the body.

“With the combination of our certifications such as NSF Sport and the continuous research and studies we are running, our customers know they are getting the best products available in functional nutrition,” says physical therapist and strength and conditioning expert Sheraz Syed “we look forward to publishing results from this study and continuing to build strong science around our products.”