OrthoLoneStar Expands Use of Mend Perioperative Solutions Across the Network


OrthoLoneStar Expands Use of Mend Perioperative Solutions Across the Network

New York, NY—Mend today announces that OrthoLoneStar (OLS), the third largest orthopedic group in the country, is expanding the use of Mend’s perioperative nutrition and Upgraid precision care navigation after a successful 14-month pilot at the Carrell Clinic. The pilot program is delivering on the triple aim objectives of enhanced clinical outcomes, patient experience, and practice profitability.

Upgraid, recognized by US News and Tech Times as best in class, is a perioperative care platform operating at the intersection of evidence-based nutrition and digital behavioral health. Upgraid provides patients with hands-on precision care navigation, monitoring, and coaching through clinically proven care pathways that improve outcomes and reduce risk. As a core modality of care, Mend provides each patient with perioperative nutrition products that improve key biomarkers and enhance return to function, as published in leading orthopedic journals. As an industry first, Mend has also recently announced “Nourished by Mend”, a BMI program that optimizes patients for surgical outcomes, enabling more high BMI patients in need of surgery to get scheduled.

“We’ve invested heavily in developing evidence-based modalities that drive improvement in clinical outcomes and lift patient experience as seen in our high patient satisfaction scores and improvement in clinical metrics,” says Mend CEO Eziah Syed. “We are beyond thrilled to expand the use of our solutions with OrthoLoneStar, a national leader who is increasingly setting the bar for how to operate a large multi-practice group dedicated to quality patient outcomes.”

OLS began piloting Mend at the prestigious Carrell Clinic in January 2023 with an implementation of Upgraid. “The program is evidence-based and addresses key clinical parameters that the Joint Commission is seeking,” says Dr. Paul Peters. “We have seen demonstrable benefits from the program and are proud to have led the way for our network to expand the use of this outcomes-focused platform and set of solutions.”

With this expansion, the OLS board and leadership will encourage the adoption of Mend’s perioperative nutrition products and Upgraid by its 180 physicians to ensure maximal impact for applicable patients and consistency of clinical protocols and patient experience.

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About OrthoLoneStar

OrthoLoneStar is the largest independent orthopedic practice in Texas, comprised of 180 physicians and 35 different locations across Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and East Texas. The group is dedicated to providing the highest quality outcomes at the best value to patients across the state. For more information, visit www.ortholonestar.com.


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