Why Carb Loading for Surgery is Important


Why Carb Loading for Surgery is Important

Carb loading is a common practice that you often hear your athletic friends talk about before a big race or game - but carb loading is also a pivotal element of prepping for surgery.

Carb loading is a common practice that you often hear your athletic friends talk about before a big race or game - however, carb loading is also a pivotal element of prepping for surgery.

Perhaps to the surprise of some, carb loading for a race or surgery is rooted in the same concept of enhancing recovery. Today, we're excited to introduce Carb Ready, a carb-loading product designed to optimize surgical recovery and outcomes.

Before we delve into the benefits of Carb Ready, let's understand why carb loading matters in the context of surgical preparation.

Carbohydrates play a crucial role as the body's primary energy source. However, concerns about carbs are due to misconceptions about their impact on weight and blood sugar levels. In reality, when used correctly, carbs can be a powerful ally in promoting recovery.

To understand this, let’s paint a picture of what the carbs are doing for you:

Imagine that our body is a car. Just like a normal car, you need fuel to function. More often than not, you drive around with less than a full tank of gas. Perhaps 1/2-3/4 ‘s of a tank?

In this case, carb loading is like topping your tank off with premium fuel before going on a road trip.

When you have surgery or participate in an intense athletic event, the “road trip” or recovery will be long, but you can ensure a smoother trip by having a full tank of gas. This is because your body needs a lot of energy to help it recover from these events.

Proper carb loading will help your muscles retain their strength for these events, help your body use its energy efficiently, and, according to this study, lower the risk of infection post-surgery.

3 Benefits of Carb Loading for Surgery with Carb Ready

Energy Reserves: Carb loading helps stock up these reserves, ensuring your body has the fuel it needs to endure the procedure and bounce back swiftly afterward.

Reduce Hunger, Thirst, and Anxiety: Going into surgery can bring about feelings of hunger, thirst, and anxiety. Carb Ready's balanced blend of carbohydrates helps reduce these discomforts, providing a sense of comfort and stability before your procedure.

Reduce Nausea After Surgery: Post-operative nausea is a common concern. Carb Ready is formulated to help minimize this discomfort, promoting gastrointestinal comfort and allowing you to focus on your recovery with greater ease.

Glycogen Stores: Carbohydrates are converted into glycogen, which is stored in muscles and the liver. This glycogen serves as a readily accessible energy source during periods of heightened demand, such as surgery. By loading up on carbs beforehand, you bolster these crucial energy reserves.

Insulin Sensitivity: Carb loading can also enhance insulin sensitivity, which is beneficial for regulating blood sugar levels and facilitating nutrient uptake. This improved insulin response can contribute to a smoother recovery process post-surgery.

How to Incorporate Carb Ready

Using Carb Ready is simple and effective:

Step 1:
Consultation with Your Healthcare Provider: Before starting any new supplement, including Carb Ready, consult with your healthcare provider. They can offer personalized recommendations based on your medical history and surgical needs.

Step 2:
Pre-Surgery Preparation: Start incorporating Carb Ready into your routine as advised by your healthcare provider in the days leading up to your surgery. This primes your body for the upcoming procedure and sets the stage for optimal recovery.

Step 3:
During and Post-Surgery: Depending on your healthcare provider's guidance, Carb Ready may be administered intravenously during surgery or included in your post-operative nutrition plan. Follow their instructions closely for the best results.

In conclusion, carb loading before surgery is an excellent idea for boosting and enhancing your recovery. Carb Ready is a comprehensive solution for optimizing your surgical recovery and outcomes. With its unique blend of benefits, it's a valuable addition to your pre and post-operative care routine.

*Speak to your healthcare provider today about incorporating Carb Ready into your surgical journey and fueling your path to a smoother recovery.