The Hunger Fullness Scale

One of the most difficult challenges when it comes to establishing new nutrition habits is understanding your body’s cues to hunger and fullness. Tuning into what your body is telling you can be a pivotal skill to learning exactly what your body needs to fuel you appropriately.

A nice next step after navigating what to eat is learning to navigate listening to your body. Think of your hunger and fullness on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is Ravenous Hunger, and 10 is Uncomfortable Fullness. Rather than bouncing back and forth between 1 and 10, we want to focus on living somewhere in the middle, eating when moderately hungry, and stopping when comfortably full. 

After years of dieting or adapting your eating schedule based on arbitrary things, like a work schedule, your hunger and fullness cues may need a little fine tuning to tap back into. Over the next few days, try observing your hunger and fullness levels before, during, and after eating. Challenge yourself to eat before feeling ravenous, and stop before feeling uncomfortable! Remember, this is a work in progress and won't be perfect, and that's okay!