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Medical Food Joint Replacement Support + Carb Ready

Surgery Prep + Recovery Bundle

Tissue Healing + Energy & Recovery

Closes Critical Gap in Nutrients
Dairy Free



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30 Day Guarantee

Natural-First Approach

Clinically Studied

Third Party Tested

Non GMO + Gluten Free

Highest Bioavailability

Whats Included

Mend Medical Food for Joint Replacement Support

Mend Medical Food for Joint Replacement Support

Surgery Prep

Recommended Use: 5 weeks through 1 week before surgery

Clinically Proven
Carb Ready

Carb Ready

Surgery Prep

Recommended: Drink 2 servings the night before surgery and 1 serving 2-4 hours before.

Clinically Studied

Mend Medical Food for Joint Replacement Support

Surgery Prep1

Building strength and vitality.

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) have been shown, in multiple double-blind placebo trials, to help preserve muscle during the “inactive phase” following surgery. This gives you a stronger baseline to recover and enhance your return to function and mobility.

Carb Ready

Surgery Prep2

Optimize surgical recovery + outcomes*

Enriched with 50g of complex carbohydrates, this drink is designed to reduce hunger, thirst, and anxiety while providing energy for a speedy recovery.

Scientifically Backed

“The #1 question I get from my patients is what can I do to enhance my recovery from joint replacement surgery. I tell them mend.”

Dr Paul Jacob, DO

Orthopedic Surgeon | Oklahoma Joint Reconstruction Institute

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