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Everyday Wellness Bundle

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Peak Performance Everyday

Support muscle health + relieve soreness.
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This dynamic duo offers clinically proven support for muscle strength, healthy aging, and active lifestyles.

Through a blend of 33 nature-powered nutrients, Regenerate replenishes what life takes away to keep your muscles healthy, while Perform alleviates inflammation caused by intense exercise or daily wear and tear.


Building strength + vitality1

For healthy muscles and peak energy at every age.

The body is in a constant state of breakdown and repair. Adding Mend Regenerate to a daily routine will ensure that you're getting some of the key nutrients needed to support muscle health, improve strength and support energy and vitality.


On-going Nutrition2

For relieving aches, stiffness, and inflammation, naturally.

Whether it’s as a result of intense exercise or daily wear + tear, this potent blend of natural nutrition reduces chronic inflammation for smoother, easier movement.

Backed by 5+ NHL Teams

“I’ve spoken to a number of pros and other strength coaches and they all say MEND is incredible.”


Head of Strength and Conditioning, NFL Team

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