Introducing Dr. Paul Wischmeyer as a New Member of Mend's Science Advisory Board!


Introducing Dr. Paul Wischmeyer as a New Member of Mend's Science Advisory Board!

Keegan Clark

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Paul Wischmeyer, esteemed researcher and expert in perioperative care and nutrition, has joined Mend's Science Advisory Board. Dr. Wischmeyer brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we are honored to have him on board.

Dr. Wischmeyer's Distinguished Background and Expertise

Dr. Wischmeyer is a distinguished physician-scientist and currently serves as a Professor of Anesthesiology, Surgery, and Medicine at Duke University. His extensive background in critical care medicine and nutrition has made him a renowned figure in the field. His groundbreaking research has significantly contributed to the understanding of nutrition and metabolism in critically ill patients.
As a member of Mend's Science Advisory Board, Dr. Wischmeyer will play a vital role in guiding our scientific research and development initiatives. His expertise and insights will be instrumental in advancing Mend's mission to revolutionize healthcare through extended perioperative care, personalized nutrition and precision medicine.

A Renowned Figure in Critical Care Medicine and Nutrition

We believe that Dr. Wischmeyer's exceptional expertise will greatly enhance our ability to improve patient outcomes and transform the landscape of healthcare. His dedication to evidence-based medicine and patient-centered care aligns perfectly with Mend's vision, and we are excited to work alongside him to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals worldwide.

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Dr. Paul Wischmeyer. We look forward to the valuable contributions he will bring to Mend's Science Advisory Board, and we are confident that his involvement will accelerate our progress towards a healthier future.

Welcome, Dr. Wischmeyer! We are honored to have you as part of the Mend family!