Kotsanis Institue Announced as Newest MEND Medical Partner

Eziah Syed

Leading Texas based integrative medicine practice adds award winning MEND functional medical nutrition to its protocol

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2017 —NutritionFor Healing (NFH) announced today that it has partnered withKotsanisInstitute, a leading integrative medicine practice based in Grapevine, Texas.

Kotsanis Institute has incorporatedMENDinto their protocols to improve patient outcomes from surgical and regenerative medicine procedures as well as to address sarcopenia – the degenerative loss skeletal muscle mass, quality and strength associated with aging. This physician partner relationship was established by NFH’s medical distribution partner MDgenesis LLC.

Kotsanis Institute offers a patient-centered approach to health that combines the best of traditional and complementary medicine with nutrition called integrative medicine. As a medical doctor, Dr. Kotsanis combines traditional medicine, functional medicine and nutrition to optimize health, wellness and the anti-aging process. All testing and treatment plans at the Kotsanis Institute are based on his over 30 years of personal clinical experience as a board certified otolaryngologist and otolaryngic allergist, nutritionist, and surgeon. He combines these disciplines with the latest scientific information about emerging technologies and incorporates evidence-based research for an individualized blend of modern science and ancient wisdom.

“Kotsanis Institute is at the forefront of integrative medicine and in utilizing the latest approaches to improve patient health” says NFH science board member Ken Roycroft, “we are very pleased that this cutting edge medical practice has selected MEND for their treatment protocols – it’s another testament to the innovation and quality of our science and our products.”

Nutrition For Healing, the manufacturer of MEND, is a leading provider of functional and medical nutrition products. The company’s first two award winning products, MEND Repair & Recover (top sports nutrition product) and MEND Regenerate (anti-aging product of the year), have a fast growing following. From professional sports teams to the leading orthopedic surgeons and integrative medicine practices, MEND is being adopted by the most demandin