MEND is Proud to Be Backed by Tech Council Ventures


MEND is Proud to Be Backed by Tech Council Ventures

Eziah Syed

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve taken an investment from Tech Council Ventures (TCV), an established and reputed New Jersey based Venture Capital firm with $120 million AUM. TCV has 28 exits and 5 public companies on 33 investments to date and the partners are rated among the best performers in the VC industry. The capital comes at a critical growth period where we are expanding into acclaimed hospitals and launching into national physical therapy networks. 

Tech Council Ventures

About MEND
Founded and headquartered in New York City, MEND is a life sciences company with a mission to help people heal and live their healthiest. The company is currently researching and developing targeted clinical nutrition products to enhance patient outcomes, from injury and surgery, to aging and physical performance. MEND has been adopted by numerous hospitals, professional sports teams across all major leagues and the elite forces of the US Military.

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