MEND Named 2016 Anti-Aging Product of the Year


MEND Named 2016 Anti-Aging Product of the Year

Eziah Syed

Out of more than 300 candidates, MEND Regenerate selected as winner for innovation and market impact

Informa Exhibitions has named MEND™ Regenerate the winner as 2016 anti-aging product of the year. A rigorous selection process by the editorial board considered more than 300 candidate submissions and selected MEND™ Regenerate for innovation and market impact.

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“This year’s Editor’s Choice Awards judging saw the team narrow down the field from hundreds of products to only five on the short list in each category”; said Heather Granato, vice president, content, in Informa’s Health & Nutrition Network. “The winning items stood out for bringing a combination of factors, from taste and delivery method to innovation in ingredients and cutting-edge science. They truly represent category leaders and set a high bar for next year’s program.”

The anti-aging winner MEND™ Regenerate is focused on combatting age-related muscle loss, a condition called sarcopenia, which negatively impacts strength, stamina, mobility, balance and overall vitality. Left unchecked, sarcopenia can lead to a downward spiral into extreme frailty and a total loss of mobility and independence. The preventable condition impacts 50% of adults globally and has serious negative impact on their quality of life. Sarcopenia, which is considered even more serious and prevalent than osteoporosis, costs the healthcare system billions of dollars to treat and manage the related negative health outcomes.

“We developed MEND Regenerate after two years of testing in a clinical environment. This recognition is an honor and serves as further validation of our evidence based approach and the uniqueness of MEND,” says Ken Roycroft, Healthy Aging Expert and member of Nutrition For Healing’s Science Advisory Board. “We are seeing very compelling measurable results in a clinical environment and are excited about the positive impact that MEND will have on the lives of millions of adults.”

The two leading causes of Sarcopenia are a sedentary lifestyle and a diet lacking in sufficient amino acids and protein. MEND Regenerate is a unique formulation of highly bioavailable amino acids, proteins, prebiotics, enzymes and other nutrients scientifically proven to promote musculoskeletal health. “Today people are living longer than ever and in order to enjoy a quality of life as we age, all of the latest research indicates that we need to support musculoskeletal health and strength”, says Roycroft, “adding the macro and micro nutrients in MEND provides essential nutritional support required to combat sarcopenia.”