Mend Partners with Orthopedic Surgeon Andrew Wickline to Enhance Perioperative Care with Upgraid


Mend Partners with Orthopedic Surgeon Andrew Wickline to Enhance Perioperative Care with Upgraid

New York, NY – Mend today announces that it has partnered with acclaimed total joint surgeon, Dr. Andrew Wickline, to enhance perioperative care with Upgraid. The partnership will see Dr. Wickline standardize Upgraid for his patients and make his nationally recognized care pathways available to surgeons nationwide through the platform.

Upgraid, recognized by US News and Tech Times as best in class, is a perioperative care platform operating at the intersection of evidence-based nutrition and digital behavioral health. With Upgraid, patients are provided hands-on precision care navigation, monitoring and coaching through clinically proven care pathways that improve outcomes and reduce risk. As a core modality of care, Mend provides each patient with its perioperative nutrition products which improve key biomarkers and enhance return to function, as published in leading orthopedic journals.

“We’ve invested heavily in evidence-based nutrition with seminal bench studies and have now followed with the largest nutritional clinical studies ever done in orthopedics. We have this combined with a behavioral health platform that leverages in-house technology, proprietary precision care methodology and pathways and a unique integrated clinical services model” says Mend CEO Eziah Syed “we are ecstatic to combine a world class perioperative care platform with Dr. Wickline’s lowest (worldwide) post-op swelling and recovery protocols. Now any surgeon can leverage this combined pathway in an advanced next generation care delivery model with Upgraid.”

Dr. Andrew Wickline is one New York State’s highest volume total joint surgeons and has become recognized globally not only for his industry leading low cost, low opioid, and low complication metrics but also for his meticulous attention to details and patient care models. His care pathways, surgical techniques and perioperative management are modeled by many surgeons in the United States and abroad.

"We have utilized mend's nutrition products for years and have seen clinical impact. The Upgraid behavioral platform enhances patient care, experience and compliance with protocols and will push the needle further on outcomes. It's the future of perioperative care and enhances our business model."

With this partnership, Dr. Wickline will standardize Upgraid for all patients utilizing his own unique care pathways in the platform. Furthermore, these care pathways will be available to any total joint surgeon in the nation who wishes to implement Upgraid and the mend family of perioperative and post op maintenance products.