MEND Sponsors MLB Strength & Conditioning Conference


MEND Sponsors MLB Strength & Conditioning Conference

Eziah Syed

Top athletic trainers from major and minor league baseball attend the winter strength and conditioning conference, co-sponsored by MEND

MEND announced today that it had a very successful showing at the PBSCCS strength and conditioning conference in Orlando as a co-sponsor. The show was attended by strength coaches from the major and minor leagues from each of the pro baseball teams.

“We’re very selective about who we partner with and what types of shows we attend”, says MEND co-founder Eziah Syed, “the Professional Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society (PBSCCS) is an exceptionally high quality conference, and we’re pleased to have been a sponsor.”

Medical nutrition brand, MEND, is rapidly becoming the preferred nutrition product line of both professional and collegiate sports. Through word of mouth and mostly organic growth, MEND, due to a commitment to quality and scientific efficacy, is now already being utilized by dozens professional and collegiate sports teams globally.

“The show allowed us to engage one-on-one with each of the teams”, says MEND director of business development Ken Roycroft, “they were impressed with our products and I believe it sets us up for a very strong and long presence as a preferred nutrition provider to baseball.”

 About MEND
MEND is a leading provider of functional and medical nutrition products. The company’s first two award winning products, MEND Repair Recover (top sports nutrition product) and MEND Regenerate (anti-aging product of the year), have a fast growing following in sports globally. From professional sports teams to the leading orthopedic surgeons, MEND is being adopted by the most demanding customers worldwide.

The PBSCCS is a society of Strength and Conditioning Coaches composed from both Major League and Minor League baseball teams. It is committed to raising awareness about its role in professional baseball. Moreover, it is focused on the implementation of proven Strength and Conditioning principles philosophies, community youth awareness programs, and long term skills promoting performance and health.