San Antonio Orthopaedic Specialists to Implement Upgraid™ By Mend


San Antonio Orthopaedic Specialists to Implement Upgraid™ By Mend

Eziah Syed

San Antonio Leader, World-Class Care and Award-Winning Team

Mend,a life sciences company operating at the intersection of nutripharma and digital behavioral health, announced today the world-class orthopedic partners atSan Antonio Orthopaedic Specialists(SAOS) will be implementing Upgraid™ by mend, a best-in-class perioperative patient optimization platform for total joint arthroplasty. Based in San Antonio, SAOS was founded by Dr. Harris in 2002 with the mission to build a small to medium-sized practice that would provide unparalleled orthopedic care for each patient as if they were family.

“Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive patient care with the respect, compassion, and one-on-one attention our patients deserve and are excited to offer Upgraid™ by mend to extend our dedication to the patient and to world-class care,” says Practice Administrator Andrew Plugge.

SAOS provides exceptional, innovative, and compassionate care, and mend is honored to offer a revolutionary approach to improving overall health and bringing clinically validated, targeted nutrition and doctor-approved care plans to skilled orthopedic surgeons to further enhance every patient’s life, from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and recovery.

The Upgraid™ by mend digital health coaching platform and clinical nutrition program extends the care delivery model beyond the clinical setting to further recovery in the home and getting back to doing the things you love. Set up as an SMS-based and AI-enabled digital care platform, Upgraid™ helps surgeons and their care team to streamline recovery beyond the hospital walls, alleviating the burden on providers. The remote monitoring will triage critical questions that minimize patient concerns that result in calls to the surgeon’s office through a team of registered nurses. This frees up staff and resources to focus on patient care services. Through the program, patients receive unapparelled hands-on coaching, guidance, support, and health monitoring by certified professionals.

Last year, mend launched a line of targeted, evidence-based, clinical nutrition products along with the mend digital health coaching platform and is proud to have SAOS incorporate the new Upgraid™ platform into their patient care protocols. As leaders in nutripharma, mend was founded on the premise that nutrition and prevention are the basis for holistic health, bringing nature and science together through nature-powered nutritional products and a digital platform to extend the patient care experience beyond the hospital to accelerate healing and healthy living daily.

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