Sports: Injuries, Maintenance, and the Right Nutrition


Sports: Injuries, Maintenance, and the Right Nutrition

Kathryn Smart

Performing at our best during training and competition is monumentally important for athletes at all levels. And what we put into our bodies is what we are going to get out of them. When dealing with recovery from injury, bouncing back after a tough training session, or just keeping your muscles healthy, we need a solution that is clinically proven to work. mend™ fits into our training plans and helps us level up to our goals. Used by elite athletes across the NFL, NHL, MLB, and more, mend™ is the trusted solution for sports performance and recovery. 

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Product Guide

  • Repair & Recover
  • Perform
  • Regenerate
  • Repair & Recover

    repair & recover with drink

    After an injury, we all are thinking about how to get back in the game, faster and stronger. Clinically proven to do both, Repair & Recover is the best tool for injury recovery and the boost we need when dealing with nagging injuries.

    • Heal faster, stronger from sudden and nagging injuries†
    • Works on bone healing + tissue healing†
    • Citrus flavor
    • 1.5 g HMB
    • 18.5 g of protein + amino acids
    • NSF Certified for Sport
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    perform with tablets

    We can feel sore and stiff every day — and it can impact our workouts, practices, and performance in competitions. Perform relieves aches, stiffness, and inflammation and is a fully organic solution.†

    • Relieve everyday inflammation†
    • Recover faster from aches†
    • 300 mg organic turmeric (TurmiPure Gold®)
    • 250 mg ashwaganda
    • 100mg tart cherry + ginger root
    • NSF Certified for Sport


    As we age, our muscles naturally get weaker and harder to build back up. Regenerate is designed to keep your muscles healthy at every age so that you can continue to perform your best and give us more energy.†

    • Support muscle health†
    • Give us energy and vitality†
    • Chocolate or Vanilla flavor
    • 15g protein
    • 10g BCAA + glutamine
    • 4 digestive enzymes
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