Staying fit when you're self-isolating


Staying fit when you're self-isolating

Eziah Syed

This year, you were finally staying true to your New Year’s resolution to work out more often. But now that gyms are closed and you’re self-isolating at home, keeping up with this good habit seems to get harder. However, staying home doesn’t mean you have no means to stay fit! We’re breaking down multiple ways to stay fit at home when your self-isolating!

Go for a run
As your commute is probably now reduced to the trip from your bedroom to your kitchen, chances are you’re not reaching the advised 10.000 steps a day. So, if it’s still allowed – go for a run outside. This might not be possible in some places, where a complete lock-down is in place, but if you’re still allowed to go outside, take your workout outdoors and go for a run in the park or bring your weights for an outdoors workout.

YouTube classes
If you have to stay indoors, there are still plenty of ways to stay fit! A lot of fitness instructors are offering home workout tutorials. Whether you’re into resistance training, HIIT, or pilates, we guarantee you that you’ll find a good workout class online. Our favorites include Yoga with AdrieneHASfitBeFitFitnessBlender and Tone It Up! The best part? They’re free.

Focus on your nutrition
It is important to focus on healthy nutrition habits. We get that right now it is even more alluring to grab an afternoon snack, but good nutrition is key. The lack of exercise that is the result of working from home, could cause muscle atrophy. Plus, we could all use a vitamin boost during these times . Therefore, it is important to make sure your body is provided with enough nutrients to support a healthy immune system. MEND Regenerate can help, with 33 nutrients designed to support your muscles, immune system, and overall well being.

Live online classes
Many gyms now offer live workout classes either on their Instagram pages, their websites or through apps such as ClassPass or Openfit. You might have to pay a (reduced) fee to get access, but it enables you to keep up with the classes you would normally take. Some workouts might require weights or other equipment, but luckily you can often substitute these with objects you have at home. For example, you can use bottles of water from your fridge as weights.

Take the stairs
Who needs a gym when you live in a two-story flat or house? While you might drive your neighbors crazy if you go running up and down for half an hour, there are other ways to take advantage of those stairs. NHS has even created a ‘Stairs Workout’ for you to get you started, convenient right?

Stretch it out
If you’re working from home, chances are you’re not equipped with an aerodynamic office chair and desktop screen. Sitting on a normal chair or hunched on the sofa, might cause your neck to play up or for you to get other aches. Luckily, there are a range of simple stretches to ease back and neck pain. For example, the YouTube channel AskDoctorJo provides a couple of videos containing the best neck pain relief stretches and exercises.

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