VitalityHealth partners with MEND to enhance patient Care


VitalityHealth partners with MEND to enhance patient Care

Eziah Syed

VitalityHealth and MEND will be working together to address sarcopenia through targeted nutrition

MEND Nutrition Inc., a clinical nutrition company located in BioLabs@NYULangone in New York City, announced today that it has partnered with VitalityHealth, a network of Sarcopenia clinics taking an innovative holistic approach to treatment of age-related muscle loss. The product, MEND Regenerate (, was awarded Anti-Aging Product of the Year and crosses a high bar for scientific efficacy and is being used across medicine, professional sports, and the US Military. 

VitalityHealth, with 6 sarcopenia clinics in the south-west, offers scientifically-proven services with strength regeneration for those 60+ in mind. Their focus is improving quality of life without limitations, empowering adults to age freely while reducing the risk of falls & fractures, osteoporosis, acute & chronic pain, and other health-related issues associated with sarcopenia.

We chose MEND over other nutrition products for our patients because their formula has everything that we want, and nothing that we don’t.” says Matt Essex, President of VitalityHealth. 

“We’re thrilled to work with the team at VitalityHealth to help their patients preserve muscle and function. MEND Regenerate was developed specifically for this audience, and we have seen great results to slow down and reverse sarcopenia, which is becoming more and more prevalent in the elderly population.” says MEND Vice President Chris Gusty.


About MEND
Founded and headquartered in New York City, MEND is a life sciences company with a mission to help people heal and live their healthiest. The company is currently researching and developing targeted clinical nutrition products to enhance patient outcomes, from injury and surgery, to aging and physical performance. MEND has been adopted by numerous hospitals, professional sports teams across all major leagues and the elite forces of the US Military. For more information, visit or connect with us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and Twitter.


About VitalityHealth
For more than 20 years, VitalityHealth has been helping people regain and build strength, increase energy and promote well-being by addressing the underlying condition of Sarcopenia. We are the leaders in sarcopenia research and have developed a system of actionable, evidence-based solutions to help adults take control of their health and improve the quality of their lives. For more information, visit