Erin Owen, PhD. Joins mend™ to Lead Clinical Research


Erin Owen, PhD. Joins mend™ to Lead Clinical Research

Eziah Syed

We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Erin Owen to our team to lead clinical research in nutripharma and digital behavioral health. Serving most recently as the Executive Director of the Slocum Research and Education Foundation, Erin has been at the forefront of clinical research in orthopedic joint replacement, trauma, and sports medicine. She is one of the investigators who originated and advanced the now, well-established body of science on the benefits of essential amino acid supplementation for patients undergoing joint replacement surgery.

“At mend, we are investing heavily in science and research and are excited to have Erin lead our roadmap of clinical studies,” says CEO Eziah Syed, “there are few individuals with a more ideal track record in clinical and health services research than Erin and we are overjoyed to have her join our team.”

Before focusing her research career on improving musculoskeletal care and surgical outcomes, Erin was the Acting Executive Director of Health Policy Research Northwest, a nonprofit think tank that developed new models of care, conducted community-based health needs assessments, and provided data analytics consulting for providers, payers, and nonprofit organizations. She spearheaded multidisciplinary collaborations to measure and inform: access to care, emergency department utilization, Medicaid quality improvement, physical-behavioral health integration, and the development of web-based care coordination solutions that bridge the gap between healthcare and social services. Erin brings all this applied and translational experience to mend, which will help shape relevant, cutting-edge research and advance the science behind nutrition-based healing.

Erin earned her doctorate in Public Health, in the area of Health Policy, from Oregon State University in 2017, an MPH in Epidemiology from San Diego State University in 2004, and a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Linfield College in 2002.