How to Stay Healthy during the Holidays?


How to Stay Healthy during the Holidays?

Eziah Syed

The Holidays are normally a time for big dinner parties and overindulging. However, it doesn’t have to be a time to let go of all your healthy habits. There are ton of healthy recipes to choose from and with these tips below, you’ll get to enjoy your Holiday parties (socially distanced of course), but just in a way that is better for you.

Healthy Holiday Menu

The best thing you can do, is to adjust your dinner menu so that it is delicious, yet healthy. Most of your Holiday Menu includes ingredients that are healthy for you, but the addition of gravy, sauces, etc., make them bad for health.

The basics of most Christmas dinners are quite nutritious. Roasted chicken and turkey are a great source of protein. And baked in the oven seasoned with plenty of garlic, lemon, fresh herbs, and seasoning it is super delicious. Avoid fried and breaded varieties, as these are typically high in unhealthy fats, calories and carbs.

Though potatoes are highly nutritious, they are often prepared in an unhealthy way. Fried as French fries, or mashed with butter and cream, make them less healthy and increase the calories. Try preparing regular or sweet potatoes by keeping the skin on for extra fiber, and add fresh herbs and spices instead of cheese, butter, and lots of salt.

Add more veggies to the menu. There are so many ways to prepare them in a way that even the kids won’t mind eating them. May we suggest using a cookie cutter to make star-shaped eggplant, courgette, and pumpkin to create a festive ratatouille?

How can I make More Nutritious Desserts?

I can already hear some of you think “I am in no way giving up my delicious dessert!”. But trust me, with a few alterations, you can make even your desserts more nutritious, without giving up their tastiness. Granted, they won’t turn into a miracle dish without any calories, but they will be delicious and better for you.

You could start by switching out regular white wheat flour, by whole wheat flour, which increases your intake of fiber. Use frozen fruits to make a yummy and super healthy sorbet in the blender. To avoid high levels of sugar, you can substitute it by using maple syrup or honey. These sugar substitutes are easier to digest and help keep your blood sugar steadier.

Or, try our MEND Chocolate Chip cookies! Use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, or a combination, for the chocolate chips. Darker chocolate contains more antioxidants, iron and zinc, increasing the nutritiousness of your dessert. By replacing some of the flour by MEND Regenerate powder, you add 33 nutrients to your cookies that will make them healthier and even more delicious, if we do say so ourselves. Find the recipe here.

Other Ways to Stay Healthy during the Holidays

Other ways to stay healthy over the Holidays are starting your day with a healthy breakfast, drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, avoiding drinking (too much) alcohol, avoiding overindulging, and making time for a Holiday walk in the woods.

Have a Happy Holidays and stay healthy and safe!