MEND Awarded by the Department of Defense


MEND Awarded by the Department of Defense

Eziah Syed

Novel therapeutic for concussions will be studied with leading hospital and university partners

January 28th, 2021, New York, NY – MEND today announces that it has been awarded a research grant by the Special Operations Command to study a novel therapeutic for mild to moderate traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and to conduct a multi-center randomized placebo controlled trial. The study will be executed by leading hospitals and universities, including Geisinger Health System, Penn Medicine and University of Iowa.

The patented formula “MEND Neuroprotect™” made in a ready-to-drink format, promises to be both preventative, thereby reducing neurological damage from concussive impacts, and therapeutic, thereby encouraging superior healing and recovery post concussive impacts. “The science shows that Neuroprotect has the potential to be a breakthrough solution in concussion prevention and management” says MEND founder and CEO, Eziah Syed “DoD and our hospital partners are all excited and optimistic about the implications for soldiers, patients and athletes and eager to execute our clinical trials.”

About MEND
Founded and headquartered in New York City, MEND is a life sciences company with a mission to help people heal and live their healthiest. The company is currently researching and developing targeted clinical nutrition products to enhance patient outcomes, from injury and surgery, to aging and physical performance. MEND has been adopted by numerous hospitals, professional sports teams across all major leagues and the elite forces of the US Military.

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