Mend Selected to Present its Total Joint Solution at Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange


Mend Selected to Present its Total Joint Solution at Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange

Eziah Syed

New York, New York, 2022—Mend has been selected to exhibit its specialized evidence-based total joint perioperative nutrition product at the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange. Vizient, Inc, the nation’s largest member-driven health care performance improvement company, will hold the Exchange on October 17 in Dallas.

The annual Innovative Technology Exchange offers selected suppliers the unique opportunity to demonstrate their technologies to supply chain and clinical leaders from Vizient’s member hospitals and subject matter experts who serve on their supply councils. Each technology will showcase how it improves clinical outcomes, enhances safety or drives incremental improvements to health care delivery or business models.

Mend has developed a first to world evidence-based targeted perioperative clinical nutrition product for total joint replacement that reduces muscle atrophy, enhances return to function and activities of daily living and reduces the risk of complications. The published clinical data shows unique musculoskeletal outcomes that create a more focused solution for orthopedic populations. This solution can optionally be bundled with a digital coaching at home care platform to take a whole person multimodal approach to extending and enhancing care delivery. The complementary service is live with hospitals and generating unprecedented engagement rates and adherence to perioperative protocols.

“We are very excited to bring our solution to the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange,” says Eziah Syed, CEO of Mend. “Our total joint solution is now being utilized by the most acclaimed hospitals in orthopedics. Working with Vizient will accelerate hospital access and allow us to scale the solution and help enhance care across the entire healthcare system in the US.”

“The Exchange is an exciting part of the Vizient Innovative Technology Program, which results in Innovative Technology contract awards for the qualified products. This signals health care providers of a product’s unique qualities,” said Kelly Flaharty, director of contract process, Vizient.  “With only a select number of suppliers invited to demonstrate their products, it’s an honor to be invited.”

The annual Innovative Technology Exchange is part of Vizient’s Innovative Technology Program that includes product review of supplier-submitted technologies by member-led councils and task forces. Since 2003, Vizient has reviewed over 1,600 product submissions as part of its Innovative Technology Program.


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