mend™ Welcomes Adam Tichelaar as CTO


mend™ Welcomes Adam Tichelaar as CTO

Kathryn Smart

Adam Tichelaar has joined the mend™ team as the company’s Chief Technology Officer. In his leading role, Tichelaar brings decades of experience launching new software products and services to market, including in virtual health.

“Mend is investing heavily in a digital healthcare delivery platform, Upgraid by mend™ combining our clinically validated products and doctor-recommended programs. We will be entering a period of rapid growth with hospital clients in the pipeline. In support of this growth, we will also be expanding our capabilities, beginning with a seasoned CTO as another key hire,” said Helene Rutledge, Co-Founder President of mend.

Tichelaar is a hands-on technology executive with over 22 years’ experience leading software engineering and RD teams. Tichelaar began his career as a Software Consultant and moved onto working as a top-rated technology executive at notable companies such as PH2 Solutions, Amdocs, Inc., Rewired Solutions, Inc. and most recently Hatchworks Technologies, Inc. as Chief Technology Officer. In his new role, Tichelaar will continue to drive product development initiatives and oversee strategic technology operations for mend.

About mend™:

Mend is a life sciences company that is passionate about bringing the power of healing to people everywhere. Operating at the intersection of nutripharma and digital wellness,mend helps and enables people who want to repair, recover, and return to life faster and better. The mend nutripharma products are clinically proven, science backed, and recognized by the medical community to be effective in accelerating repair, recovery, and improving key risk factors contributing to chronic conditions. Integrated with one-on-one coaching powered by AI, the mend platform pushes the paradigm on digital wellness. Driven to improve societal health and bridge the gap between human health and human nature,mend works with leading hospitals and universities on developing evidence-based programs to enhance patient outcomes.Mend is the worlds’ first whole-person, nutripharma powered platform used by elite soldiers, athletes, and professional teams, and is endorsed by many of the country’s most respected doctors, surgeons, and health systems