NYU, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, & Impedimed Partner with mend™ to Implement Next Generation Employee Wellness


NYU, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, & Impedimed Partner with mend™ to Implement Next Generation Employee Wellness

Eziah Syed

The first of it's kind platform will transform wellness in the workplace

NEW YORK,  NY, Feb. 24, 2022 – mend™ today announced that it will be piloting a one-of-a-kind employee wellness program that incorporates its first to world “digital nutritherapy” platform. The platform combines mend™’s evidence-based clinical nutrition products with digital health and through one-on-one and AI powered behavioral modification to give employers tools that demonstrably move the needle on the most health conditions and into better health and well-being. This builds on and extends the pilots commencing with major health systems that enhances perioperative outcomes and long-term patient health for those with chronic conditions. Some of the largest employers in New York and New Jersey will be early participants in the US pilots, Fisher Paykel will commence immediately in Australia.

Despite our best intentions, societal health statistics continue declining to alarming and crisis levels. Take the grim Australian and U.S. statistics, where the mend™ pilots will be run:

  1. In the US, when you factor in indirect costs such as lost economic productivity, the cost is estimated to be $3.7 trillion, in Australia it is $188 billion.
  2. 65% of corporate workers say they suffer from anxiety and or depression
  3. One quarter suffer from high cholesterol
  4. 50% of the population is overweight or obese, 40% in Australia
  5. One third of all adults live with multiple chronic conditions and take multiple medications
  6. In the U.S. it is estimated that 50% of the population will be diabetic or pre-diabetic by 2025. Also, healthcare costs are the number one cause for personal bankruptcy and place enormous psychological burden on employ

    Globally, we lose 600 million person days per year due to avoidable health conditions at a cost of $12 trillion. And yet, for every dollar spent on improving worker wellness businesses save six dollars – a 600% return.

    “Put simply, poor health comes at a staggering cost to our economy and to the profitability of employers”. says mend™ CEO Eziah Syed. ”Employers in the US are paying tens of thousands of dollars per employee on insurance premiums and hundreds of dollars per employee in lost productivity. We know that wellness leaders are looking for more evidence-based solutions to turn the tide and the cost curve. Our solution aims to have a lasting impact by giving employers a new toolset with clinically proven outcomes.”

    Employee wellness is a $50B dollar industry and continues to grow in popularity, however, most programs are not tied to any hard clinical data or evidence and we know that behavioral changes are hard for many people to sustain. Mend’s employee wellness platform intends to change that by combining clinically proven nutritherapy solutions that have been studied in randomized trials with one-on-one behavioral support to have an enduring impact. The solution allows employers to take a much more active role in making available and investing in solutions that demonstrably and measurably improve the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of their workforce.

    The program will be designed under the guidance of Dr. Brent Bauer (acting in individual capacity), Head of Integrative Medicine at the Mayo Clinic, and mend™ leadership.“Very pleased to work with mend™ on this important health frontier” says Dr. Bauer, “the program will bring new solutions and a new evidence-based approach that will hopefully change the paradigm in employee wellness.”

    In collaboration, faculty and students from NYU’s Masters in Technology Management will aid in the design. “Our faculty and students are very excited about working with mend™ to design a transformational program for employee wellness” says Rebecca Menzer, Industry Partnerships Manager for NYU, “the program will be presented to our leadership at the end of the semester to incorporate into NYU’s employee wellness strategy.”

    Impedimed, developer of the worlds’ most advanced bioimpedance technology, will provide a solution for assessing musculoskeletal outcomes and additional leading technology partners (to be announced) will provide solutions for remote health monitoring through wearables. All technologies will be connected to the mend™ Digital Nutritherapy platform.

    Fisher Paykel Healthcare will be the first corporate pilot client, with their senior most leadership participating. Graham Gourd, General Manager Fisher Paykel Healthcare Australia says “Our people are the cornerstone and pulse of our business. This innovative pilot program is to help us all create healthy, sustainable habits so we can be the best version of ourselves irrespective of the daily challenges.”

    The Australia pilot will kick off in Q2 of 2022 and will run for 6 months. The US pilots, with major NY/NJ to be announced employers, will commence in Q3/Q4 of 2022. mend™ invites all employers who are interested in evidence-based programs for employee wellness to inquire about the program.

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