Proud of our 2000th Order from US Military


Proud of our 2000th Order from US Military

Eziah Syed

Providing Mend to our military and elite forces is one of our greatest honors. We know that they need the absolute best nutrition for healing, recovery and performance given the intense demands of their job and their need to stay at a super elite level physically and mentally. We are very proud to have received our 2000th order from the special and conventional forces - a milestone we believe is an indicator of the uniqueness and quality of our products to serve the needs of the most discerning clients.

In our survey (which we will release the results of soon), the military gave us a 5/5 or recommendation and 4.9/5 on overall experience with us. We are very proud of the below feedback from our military clients:

"During the several years I worked with our military special operations forces, no product line and certainly no single product made as significant a beneficial impact on healing, recovery, and return-to-duty times as those of MEND. MEND Repair & Recover, a remarkable first-of-its-kind product for which many special operators and I have been thankful, has been a game-changer. It is comprehensive critical extra nutrition wrapped into one." Cliff J. McArthur MS, RDN, CSSD, MLS(ASCP), Human Performance Dietitian

I really like both MEND products, for personal use and for my soldiers, recovering from injury or who need extra supplementation during workouts. CPT Kathleen Robins MS, RD, CSSD, CSOWM Chief Nutrition, Keller Army Hospital.

"It is a one-of-a-kind, top-tier product."  Special Forces (Repair & Recover Customer)

Thank you for the Medical Grade Nutrition! I’m currently training for a Triathalon and using Regenerate for breakfast and Orthopedic post workout or an hour before bed…MEND has definitely helped my recovery. US Marine.

Great products that I found when I needed to ramp up quickly for a military school on short notice. Been drinking regenerate 5 times per week religiously for 3 years almost." Special Forces (Regenerate Customer)

I am a semi-competitive crossfitter. It sounds small, but I am usually dealing with varied levels of limping when I walk. Since taking the REGENERATE post-workouts, I am walking limp-free more and more. This kind of blows my mind a little. Army Ranger

I made the smoothie from the recipe you sent and trialed it with an Army chief who loved it! Considering he’s a tenured soldier who is an endurance runner, your Orthopedic line was very appealing to him. Joanne Villaflor
MS, RDN, CSSD, LD Performance Dietitian, US Navy Command

"Easy to find what I needed, with evidence it would work. Got me back from a major surgery almost twice as fast as normal." Special Forces (Repair & Recover Customer)

"I really appreciate the support and the great product. I honestly think it helps me feel younger." Special Forces (Regenerate Customer)